Keoni made his first feature when he was 21 years old, starring Michael Madsen. He is currently producing and directing a television series starring Steven Seagal. In between, Keoni has made a lot of different films in a lot of different places, including one starring Janeane Garofalo in Las Vegas, one starring Ving Rhames as a pool hustler in New Orleans, one about the creation of the ‘Amber Alert System’ in Vancouver, and a bio-pic on the life of Anna Nicole Smith in Hollywood. Keoni writes, directs and produces films. When he is not making films, he is thinking about how he should be making films. It drives his family crazy.

As of late, Keoni has moved into making a television series in Canada. This isn’t as strange as it sounds since Keoni was born and raised in Hawaii by a Hawaiian mother and a Canadian father. He now spends more time in Vancouver than in Honolulu and lives in Venice Beach, California which is kind of in between, but not really.

Keoni went to the University of Colorado, Boulder where he snowboarded, helped establish a film department, worked as a camera operator for avant-garde legend Stan Brakhage, attended the Sundance Institute Workshops, then promptly dropped out to write, direct and produce his first feature film called ‘Almost Blue’.

Home is Venice Beach, California with his wife Michel, their daughter Story and their son Kainoa.